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One kick was started by Ahmad Ghandour, with hopes of him spreading his love for the beautiful game, he started a personal project where he would gather football shoes from his friends and family within his local community and then distribute them to children in various refugee camps in Lebanon. The idea was fueled by his love for football, as well as a desire to help the victims of the ongoing financial and societal crisis in Lebanon.

What we do...

Here at One Kick Away our main goal is to help underprivileged children experience the same opportunities and happiness through football, a sport built on hard work, collaboration, and supporting one another.

Football Shoes


You may be asking, why shoes?  When our founder Ahmad Ghandour visited a refugee camp in Lebanon, he noticed that shoes were a rare commodity. When he was playing football with the children in the camp, many of the kids were admiring the shoes he had on, inspiring One Kick Away. "The photo above is taken from our owners home showing all the shoes he has collected.

Creating Opportunities 

Soccer Practices

Just imagine that the shoes you donate could be the origin story behind the world's next greatest football superstar. So what we are trying to say is that the shoes your donating are not just shoes they are an opportunity of something much bigger.

All donors are allowed to send one personal letter to the refugees, to do so please fill out the form below:

Personal note form:

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